Traditional herbal medicine.

Varumin® is a natural product of herbal origin - a traditional herbal medicine for oral administration. Varumin® strengthens the immune system and is highly successful in treating tumours with or without metastasis, regardless of the tumour’s location. It can be used as a complementary therapy of malignant tumors, most often in addition to chemotherapy.
It’s most often used as a complementary therapy of malignant tumours.

Varumin® 1

Solution for oral application 50 ml

- Water extract of herbal drugs*
- Aloes dry extract

* Water extract of herbal drugs is prepared from:
- Visci Herba (European Mistletoe)
- Propolis

Varumin® 2

Solution for oral application 200 ml

- Water extract of herbal drugs*
- Aloes dry extract

* Water extract of herbal drugs is prepared from:
- Inulae Radix (elecampane)
- Visci Herba (European Mistletoe)
- Cornus Cortex (Corn Cherry dogwood)
- Calendulae Flos (Calendula Flower)
- Millefolii Herba (Yarrow)
- Cynodon Rhizoma (Bermuda grass)
- Hyperici Herba (St. John’s worth)


Additional therapy

Varumin® is intended for individual use or in combination with other anti- cancer treatment, such as chemotherapy, depending on the severity of the condition or stage of the cancer.
It is used as therapy of all cancers in the early stages and in the phase of metastasis.
Due to its herbal composition, the mechanism with which Varumin® performs antitumour activity is not completely defined. Nevertheless, Varumin® has several different mechanisms of effect, resulting in a synergistic immune response modulation, antiproliferative activity against tumour cells and a number of other effects. Varumin® has significant efficacy with an excellent safety profile.
Patients feel the improvement in metabolism, increase of appetite, improvement of blood counts, as well as easier management of side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

What is Varumin®?

Varumin® is a completely natural herbal anticancer product for oral administration.
It is composed of two units: Varumin® 1 and Varumin® 2, which are combined and used together.
Varumin® was first manufactured in 1985 in Macedonia, and was officially registered as a traditional herbal medicine in 2001. Varumin® is currently sold in more than ten countries.
The manufacturer and owner of the original recipe Varuminu® is the pharmaceutical manufacturer - INTER EVROGENEKS, Novo Selo, Macedonia, with over thirty years of experience in the discovery and manufacture of medicine, dietary products and medical teas. All products of this well-known company are made according to their own unique recipe. In addition, the company also deals with the cultivation of medicinal plants for the needs of its own production.
The original recipe - the composition and name of Varumin®, are patented and protected and are the exclusive property of this company. Varumin® is intended for single use or in combination with other anti-cancer drugs, such as chemotherapy, depending on the need and case of the tumour.
Helps in all tumours in the early stages and in the metastasis phase.

100% Natural product

Varumin® is a complex mixture of pharmaceutically processed medicinal plants. These medicinal plants are not exposed to toxic substances, either of chemical or biological origin. The efficiency of Varumin® is already known and confirmed in traditional, as well as in professional medicine.
The origin of the raw materials and the technological process of processing medicinal plants ensure the maximum and continuous effect of this product. Despite the unique and very complicated herbal composition, the working mechanism of Varumin® on tumour cells is not precisely defined.
On the basis of clinical trials and the results, which are collected by the patients, it was found that Varumin® has multiple mechanisms of action, which is the result of a synergistic modulation of an immune response and an antiproliferative effect on tumour cells.
Patients notice improvements in metabolism, increase of appetite, improvement of blood counts, as well as easier management of side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
Lessening of symptoms due to the positive effects of Varumin® are visible an hour after the first dose.
In Macedonia (the country in which Varumin® is produced), at the Clinical Centre in Skopje, there is an ongoing large clinical study to show how and to what extent Varumin® can help in the medication of cervical, which causes HPV (human papillomavirus), as well as the effectiveness of Varumin® in treating many other conditions. The most established experts participate in this study alongside their colleagues from this medical field.

How it works?

Cancer may affect people at any age, and also the embryos, but it is known that the risk of getting cancer generally increases with age. Cancer is the cause of death in about 13% of deaths. According to the American Society, in 2007, approximately 7,6 million people died of cancer.
Based on years of research and testing of Varumin®, we come to conclusion that Varumin® is an excellent addition to standard therapy of malignant diseases (improves the effectiveness of the treatment), while also acting independently against cancerous tumour cells.
Varumin® strengthens the body’s defense with its rapid action, and controls the immune response.
By using Varumin® rapid regeneration of damaged tissue is expected, as well as full recovery of the patient, who uses it.
The active ingredients are very well known and used in traditional, homeopathic, as well as modern medicine. The plant extracts, which Varumin® contains, have a wide variety of pharmacological activities. The significant pharmacodynamic effects of the active substances of medicinal plants in Varumin® solution are: cytotoxic, immuno-stimulating, detoxifying, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, diuretic, laxative and anti-depressant. Therefore, it is possible to use Varumin® in addition to standard therapy of various diseases that are characterized by decreased immunity and overall poor health state.
On the basis of these effects, Varumin® is used as an additional therapy of various diseases, which are characterized by weakening of the immunity and generally worsened health condition.
At the moment there are no side effects in patients, who used Varumin®.
Indications: Varumin® improves the general condition of the body, in cases where the body is weakened and exhausted, improves and strengthens the immune system and the body's resistance. It is also used as a supplement to standard therapy of acute and chronic diseases such as: HPV infection, skin diseases, hypertension, multiple sclerosis and anaemia, in order to improve the overall condition of the body.
Varumin® can also be used for prevention of the above mentioned conditions.
Note: Positive effects of Varumin® are visible one hour after the first dose

How to use?

Directions for use:

Adults: Take the whole quantity (50ml) of Varumin® 1 solution, one hour before meal. After 6 hours, continue with Varumin® 2 solution, take one tablespoon (10 ml), every six hours, one hour before meal.
In cases of metastatic tumours on solid tissues, Varumin® 2 is dosed five times daily, one tablespoon (10 ml), one hour before a meal.

Children: Take 25 ml of Varumin® 1 solution every 3 hours. After 6 hours, continue with Varumin® 2 solution, take one tablespoon (10 ml) three times per day, one hour before a meal.
Regarding children who are under the age of 10, it is advisable to consult a doctor.

Time and duration of tretmant: Varumin® is used in the continuity of 4 weeks. Improvement of a patient condition is a good indication for treatment continuation.

Varumin® should not be used by people sensitive to the components in the preparation, people with bowel obstruction, those with existing inflammation bowel disease (Crohn's disease, colitis ulcerόzna), people with appendicitis, people with hipertireosis, and during pregnancy and lactation. In these cases, Varumin® can be used only after consulting your doctor.


Special precautions:
There aren’t any. Varumin® has an excellent safety profile, does not contain chemical additives, it is composed only of herbal ingredients that have never been exposed to toxic substances.


Side effects:
So far, no side effect has been observed during the use of Varumin®. After prolonged use diarrhoea may rarely occur.

Packaging and storage

Shelf life:
36 months from date of manufacture. Do not use after the expiry date stated on the label.

Legal form: Depends on the state.

Varumin® 1 glass bottle contains 50 ml of solution for oral use
Varumin® 2 glass bottle with 200 ml, solution for oral use.

Store below 25°C, protected from light. Keep out of the reach and sight of children.

The pharmaceutical industry is subject to special regulations which have an effect on our products. Apart from the registration status they may not be identical in different regions of the world and the approved product and labels may also vary depending on the specific requirements of the state.

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