Clinical Trials

Herbal medicinal product, dedicated primary for treatment of different cancer types.

Clinical trial on terapeutic efficacy, tolerability and safety of peroral solutions varumin® 1 and 2 (Inter-Evrogeneks) in a combined treatment with polyvitamin – antioxidative therapy in patients with biologicaly (PCR) detected HPV infection of high-risk type, with or without biopticaly verified CIN I.

University Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinic, Vodnjanska bb, University St. Cyrillus and Methodius, Skopje, Macedonia

Varumin® is new hope for all MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS (MS) patients.

One small, but still significant study made some time ago, undoubtedly has proven that immuno-modulatory effect of Varumin® acts hepful in treatment of this ilness.
“Inter-evrogeneks” goes on with promotion of the first product ever, which managed complete elimination of presence of all signs characteristical for MS.

Expert's report Prof. Dr. Sci. Sibin Ilic - Oncology and gynecology certified expert

This first statistical cut is the beginning of wave that will give scientific approval to all indications claimed about Varumin® during all these years. Varumin® therapy will be first-choice therapy in all conditions characterized with compromised immunity.